Design Process

Our Process is very effective at creating a quality Design that you will be satisfied with for years to come. The Client is our #1 priority and we are not satisfied until you are happy with your plan.


Step #1. Initial Meeting

This is when we will sit down and discuss your ideas for the project. During this meeting I will collect information about your projects needs and wants. Having reference materials such as pictures, sketches and magazine clippings are all great ways to help let me know what you are looking for in your Design. We will also discuss building size, look, feel and budget. This will help determine which style is rite for you. If you already have a Contractor in mind, I encourage them to come sit down with us during this meeting. If you donít have a Contractor, I have several that can be referred to you.


Step #2. First Preliminary

Now comes your Design. I will use the gathered information from our Initial Meeting and start putting your ideas onto paper. This step creates a Rough Draft of your plan, which includes a Floor Plan and Elevation drawings of your project. Once I have these drawings ready, you can choose to receive them electronically through E-mail, at which time we will schedule our next meeting to discuss the Design, or you can choose to schedule a meeting and a printed version will be supplied. During this meeting we will discuss any concerns and/or changes that you may have and would like to see incorporated into your Design. We will also be writing on your drawings and making any necessary notes to help refine your plan.

It is my goal to make everything as convenient as possible for my clients, so meetings can be scheduled at your Home or at my Office,  just let me know.


Step #3. Second Preliminary

So we have discussed the changes and now its time to Refine your Design. I will take the marked up plans and make the requested changes. This step will again provide you with a set of revised Floor Plan and Elevation drawings. At this step your plan is starting to take shape and is getting closer to what your final design will look like. Again, you can choose to receive them electronically through E-mail or you can choose to schedule a meeting and a printed version will be supplied. We will discuss and take notes to further revise the Design.


Step #4  Third Preliminary

Your Design is almost finished. At this point the second set of revisions will be applied to your Drawings. Once I have finished with the changes we will schedule our last meeting. Usually there are minimal changes at this stage. It is also at this point when a study set should be given to a Contractor for additional input. Once everyone is satisfied with the approved revisions, finalization of the drawings can begin. This gets us to the final stage of the Design Process.


Step #5 Final Drawings

Now that there are no more revisions to the Design, I will begin to finish the drawings. During this process a Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, Floor Joist Layout, Drawing Details and Sections will be created in addition to the Elevations and Floor Plan. These are the final pieces of your completed drawing package. Upon completion you will receive five (3) complimentary printed sets of your Plan and also an Electronic Version. These are to be given out to the Building Department, Builder, Engineer and others for the purpose of obtaining the additional necessary components to build your plan.

If you need extra sets of your drawing, they may be purchased at any time for a minimal Additional Fee.


Additional Engineering.

Some plans will require a Licensed Engineer to provide a Lateral analysis for your Plan. If this is the case, a file will be sent to the Engineer of your choice for the completion of this additional design. The Engineer will provide their own plans that will need to be attached to the final drawings you received from Vision Designs. If you do not have an Engineer, I can provide you with a list of recommended Engineers that I work with.


Permitting Process.

Once you submit for permitting, your plan goes through a Review Process. If  the Permitting Authorities request additional information or small revisions to the project, they will send out a review letter with the information requested. Simply get a copy of the letter to me and I will make the necessary revisions and reprint three (3) revised copies of the plan for you. This is all at No Charge to you. It is my goal to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services.


Helping along the way.

One of Vision Designs policies is to help from Design through Construction. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at any time. Thatís what Iím here for.



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